About Me

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My name is Sam Carlson and I am an Industrial Designer from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently a student at California State University, Long Beach studying in my Junior year in I.D. I have an interest in cycling and outdoors industries as well as transportation design and city planning. Before Design school I had been working in the Cycling industry as a Sales rep, representing numerous brands.

I found my true calling as an Industrial Designer and went back to school in 2018 to pursue my dream. I want to make a real difference in the way we as humans move about the world. I want people to understand that we there are other forms of transportation that are just as good if not better than sitting in your car.

The part of Industrial Design that I find the most fascinating is the human connection. We all know what it is to be human, but its not always initially apparent what we need at that moment. That's what the human experience is. It is getting to know yourself little by little until one day you have it all figured out. But it takes a lifetime. 


Although we are human, and design for humans, we may not know what is best for our designs with out first understanding the user wholly. Our main role as industrial designers is to understand people at their core. There aren't enough fancy renderings and beautiful sketches in the world to replace the understanding of the human body.